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WELCOME TO Flora Essential Oils

At Flora Essential Oils we produce Essential Oils and Derivative of Essential Oils products for the flavor and fragrance industry, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, aromatherapy and spa, fish farming, plantation and other industry around the world.


Our major expertise products are Clove Oil fractions, Eucalyptus Oil fractions, Mentha Oil fractions, Orange Oil fractions, Spearmint Oil fractions, Other Natural Essential Oils & Aroma Chemicals.

Flora Essential Oils is a leading and well-known Essential Oils and Aromatic Chemical company based out of Valsad – Gujarat – India and was started in the year 2015 under the able leadership of our Managing Director Mr  Tajuddin Damanwala. Sensing the need and demand for essential oils in the market, we started this business and our main target industry are Pharma, Flavors & Fragrances, Cosmetics, Incense, Perfumes, Hair Care, Personal Care. Herbal Medicines etc.


We at Flora assure customers the very best of quality with our controlled quality system, it starts from the initial Stage – checking our incoming Material, Production, Warehouse until the final shipping process. We use high-performance equipment for testing the quality of our products and make sure to maintain perfect accuracy, hence we can guarantee that our product quality will definitely meet the customer requirements. We are always keen and continuous learners to improve our process of production, product and services to aim customer satisfaction. By all means, we always give a 100% assurance for our customers that all our products will be the best of quality and will be delivered in time, each time every time.


Our Certification